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Where to get the Covid-19-vaccine

May 18, 2021

The Cowlitz County Health Department, in conjunction with the Cowlitz-Skamania  Fire District #7 is collecting information about the need to make the Covid-19 vaccine available in local "Pods" in the Cougar/Yale area.  We will be trying to get the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. If you are interested, either call 360-231-4357 and leave your name and phone number, or email and do the same there.





Coronovirus / Covid-19

For current National information about the Covid-19 virus, click on the Center for Disease Control link on our links page.

Local information can be found at WA State COVID-19 Help Line at 800-525-0127.


From the DOH on 03/05/2020

If you live near a fire hydrant, check your insurance rate.

The Washington Surveying and Rating Bureau (WSRB) recently re-evaluated our Fire District. We have been at an 8A rating for all residences for several years. The recent re-evaluation dropped the rating level down to a 6 for residences within 1,000 feet of a certified fire hydrant. That could make a considerable reduction in Insurance Premiums for those affected. Call your insurance company and have them check, or contact the WSRB itself to find out if your property is affected by the changes.

Will Your Home Survive a Wildfire?

Improve your Home’s Survivability in the Event of a Wildfire

Give special treatment to the area within 30 feet of your home and all its attachments (wooden decks, fences, and boardwalks) on all sides. Note: the 30-foot number comes from the very minimum distance, on flat ground, that a wood wall can be separated from the radiant heat of large flames without igniting. In this area:

The seven benefits of home fire sprinklers you need to know

A home improvement website recently placed fire sprinklers in the limelight, calling out seven advantages of having them installed in homes. According to their post, sprinklers are:

1. Affordable. The national average is $1.35 per sprinklered square foot, or a mere one percent of a home's total construction cost.